Something about Mary


Hi!  Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

Before we get to the bio and the professional stuff, I’d like to tell you why I’m here.    I’ve always been fascinated by people…..always wondered what makes them tick.  I have a natural curiosity about the human condition.  I started the journey into myself years ago and now, I’d like to share what I’ve learned.   Martha Beck, my teacher, mentor and guru says that when we walk through the ring of fire and live to tell the tale, we can help others do the same.

Here, for your perusal, is a short and probably very incomplete list of some of the fires I’ve walked through:

The guilt that goes with being a working mother The challenge of bearing and raising special needs children The complexity of blending families and raising stepchildren The trials and tribulations of climbing the corporate ladder The intricacy of navigating through compulsions and addictions The agony of losing one’s soul at work The self-deprecation that accompanies carrying extra weight

The very GOOD news is that I have survived this and more and have a burning desire to help others to do the same.

Look, I had a really great career.  30 years in the same industry, climbing the old corporate ladder……but when it was over… was WAY OVER.  It felt like when you’ve outgrown a pair of shoes, or when you can’t fit into your skinny jeans…extremely uncomfortable.  But , like most, I lived with that discomfort….for years.  I became numb…I conformed until I broke…. and boy did I break.  I went out with a bang!  (no, I didn’t go postal) let’s just say I got it all off my chest.  It wasn’t pretty but it sure felt good.  I knew that the bullet was coming so I had begun to prepare my exit strategy.  I got my finances in order and waited for judgment day.

I’ve been coaching people for years.  It wasn’t always called that.  It was referred to as being a manager, mentor, supervisor, and coworker… friend.  I was always the “go to” person to handle an issue or resolve a conflict.  It became the BEST part of my day.  I pushed my way through the parts of the job that bored me to in order to become a manager….a position I knew would allow me to train, mentor and develop talent.

In my many years in radio,  I did everything from answer the phones to manage markets.  It appeared to many that radio was my passion, but that was not true at all, it was the PEOPLE that I had a passion for.  I had a reputation for creating great teams and retaining valuable employees.  I had a penchant for resolving difficult issues and breaking through challenging situations.  It was the people that excited me.  What made them tick?  Why did he say that?  What is she thinking?  How can we improve that?  It was FACINATING to me.

When I ran screaming from my last job, I ran into the arms of Martha Beck (not literally).   Actually, into the warm embrace of her tribe of Coaches.  They taught me how to heal myself and to help others.   I discovered that I no longer wanted to be IN the business world but wanted to be AROUND it to help others THROUGH it.  I love to help companies to attract, retain and develop great talent.  I love to show employed individuals how to fall in LOVE with their present job or to Leave it, and find the work they were meant to do.