I have been exactly where you are….


As a leader, I have experienced the isolation that one feels at the top. A bit cliché perhaps but true nonetheless…


It’s lonely at the top.


When uncertainties arise, where do you go? Complaining to superiors can be interpreted as weakness. You wouldn’t even consider confiding in a subordinate. Your contemporaries are typically your competitors. Doubts turn to frustrations, and frustrations to stress. Countless brilliant ideas die on the vine…


If I knew then what I know now, I would have sought help.


A trusted sounding board when fleshing out new ideas, unconditional support at challenging times, firm wake up calls when one is needed, a beacon in stormy times, motivation when things get rough, an experienced partner in achieving personal and professional goals.


Someone who has been there.


Mary McEvilly Hernandez,  founded Imagine Life Design to provide personal and professional coaching services to individuals seeking a higher level of satisfaction in both their lives and their careers. As a Master Certified Coach, Mary brings her years in the business sector to her work helping existing and emerging leaders experience unprecedented career success.


Mary draws on over 25 years of experience as a media professional in broadcast. Most recently as Vice President and General Manager of Univision Radio in Phoenix. Her expertise in leadership development, team building and cultural interpretation has provided her with a platform for positive change in a challenging business environment.


What is a Leadership Coach?

Do you need one?

Do your employees need one?


No matter how good you get, you can always get better. With increased pressures, executives need to continuously improve. Today’s leaders require more than just technical know-how. They need a partner in achieving business and personal goals.

They need a practical results oriented approach to job performance and career advancement.


Imagine Life Design partners with professionals to:


  • Sustain and extend professional excellence
  • Improve personal accountability
  • Develop and grow leadership skills
  • Enhance ability to recruit, develop and retain top talent
  • Learn and sharpen new skills quickly
  • Acquire and implement strong executive presence
  • Address stress and work life balance issues
  • Eliminate counterproductive attitudes and behaviors
  • Absorb candid, practical and neutral feedback on performance
  • Create a safe space to flesh out cutting edge ideas