Life Coaching

How’s your life going?

Do you love your work?
Are you satisfied with your relationships?
Are you having any FUN?
How about your health, how do you feel?
Your income, is it where you want it to be?

If you are ready to make a change, I can help.

Change Maker Coaching programs are designed for people who CRAVE improvement.
You can’t just WANT it, you have to Yearn for it. What ever it is:

Improved Health
Financial Success
Professional Satisfaction
Fulfilling relationships
Peace of Mind

Ready for change? 

Change Maker 1:1 Coaching Package
Twelve weeks of 1:1 coaching
Six live 60 minute phone sessions (alternating weeks)
Pre-work, weekly prep and homework assignment via email
Strength Assessments


Together we will:

Discover your desires…your what and your why.
Reassess your strengths…your skills, talents and abilities
Expose your core values…beliefs, ideals and standards
Ascertain your limiting beliefs…get unstuck, ready to move
MAP out your journey to success!


Cost: $1370* excludes Assessments